Nelsonville PD and Last Chance Corral, round up a pot-bellied pig in the Scott Street area


The Nelsonville Police Department is always ready and willing to do their best to assist the citizens of Nelsonville. On Thursday 10/27/16 around 2:00 PM a report of a pot-bellied pig running loose in the Scott Street area presented a different experience for Nelsonville Police officers.  Thanks to the assistance of City Manager, Gary Edwards and a member of the Last Chance Corral of Athens, the pig was secured.  The owner of the pot-bellied pig was not located.  The Last Chance Corral took possession of the pig and will care for it until the owner is located or a new home is found.

The Last Chance Corral is a non-profit equine rescue and rehabilitation group located at 5350 US Route 33 South in Athens. If anyone has any information about the owner of the pot-bellied pig please call the Last Chance Corral at 740-594-4336.  If you want more information about the Last Chance Corral visit their website at


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