New Alert Athens County Signup, text ZIP CODE to 888777 to receive text messages only, tell family and friends!!!

Alert Athens Co

Athens County Emergency Management Agency and Athens County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications have upgraded the county emergency alerting system, “Alert Athens County” to allow for easier signup into the system. Any person wanting to receive text messages from the system can simple text there zip code to “888777” to register for text message alerts.

Alert Athens County messages can be delivered by email, SMS/text message, over the World Wide Web and by calling your home telephone or cell phone directly. Notifications may include: Road Closings, Boil Orders, Hazardous Weather Warnings and various other emergency and community notices.

All wired telephones in the county are automatically entered into the system. To receive messages other than text messages you must register with Alert Athens County. Register now and learn more at  Alert Athens County is built exclusively to provide secure and reliable communications. Its authenticated service connects city and county agencies to citizens in real-time, delivering information to residents of geographically targeted areas and neighborhoods.


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